Our Bookkeeping Services

Our clients include sole traders, individual companies, charities, business partnerships and limited companies in various sectors. 


Every business by law must "keep the books" Hence the term bookkeeping. But what do you know about bookkeepers?


Ever wondered:

  • What tasks bookkeepers do every day?
  • Why we are highly sought-after?


Good bookkeeping is essential business maintenance. In short, a bookkeeper keeps track of monies coming into and out of the business. By maintaining accurate financial records, bookkeepers help SMEs and micro businesses:

Traditionally, bookkeepers kept paper records of business transactions. Today, a bookkeeper’s tasks are carried out digitally on cloud accounting software.


What Is on our to do list?


As well as keeping a financial ‘audit trail’ to balance your  accounts, our role is extensive.

Here’s just a snapshot of different tasks we can undertake for you

  • Inputting purchase orders and purchase invoices
  • Managing your business assets
  • Sales invoicing and credit control
  • Cash and banking reconciliation
  • Recording your company credit card transactions
  • Completing & Submitting VAT returns
  • Data processing
  • Payroll accounting
  • Management reporting

On top of this, we use data to prepare financial statements – Liase with your accountant at year end ensuring annual returns are smoothly administered.


And because we are qualified bookkeepers we are experts at  cloud accounting systems. We help business owners stay in complete control of their finances.


Bookkeeper and accountant... What’s the difference?


In essence, bookkeepers are technical wizards! They set up and oversee day-to-day record keeping in a client’s business - then monitor the accounts ensuring they are up-to-date.


By comparison, it’s the accountant’s job to interpret bookkeeping data to assess whether a business is running efficiently. Without well-kept books to refer to, an accountant can’t give invaluable tax and financial advice to business owners.





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